Monday, March 25, 2013

The Guardian by Beverly Lewis

  The Guardian by Beverly Lewis is out. Beverly is the #1 Amish author and a writing legend in her own right. She is a #1 New York Times and USA Today best-selling author who is known for not breaking for lunch until every book is autographed when she is on tour. I used to merchandiser her books many years ago, and she is still my #1 Christian Fiction Author. Please check out her books!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quick Tuna Gems

   I hope that this afternoon finds you well and snuggled up to a good romance book if you are off work. If not, I hope you're almost done at the office so that you can run home, grab a hot mug of hot chocolate and a good Amish Romance book. I had a late lunch today. I call the quick, fun-to-eat  snacks, "Tuna Gems," because I like to serve them on colored rocks for late-evening parties. All you need is tuna, Miracle Whip, paprika, garlic powder, ground black pepper, and a touch of sea salt. I use one 8-ounce can of tuna and 1/8 teaspoon of all seasoning except the sea salt.  Depending on my mood, I use between 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup Miracle Whip and 1/4 to 1/2 cup diced onion. Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika! Try the Tuna Gems at your next party!

   As far as books, My Heaven Driven and Whoopie Pie Bakers series are out. They each have between six to eight short-story volumes. Check them out on

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

   I enjoyed  dinner at my "third momma's" haus.  I love her cheddar biscuits. She also had one of my favorites: broccoli cornbread.  Of course, I devoured a whole triangle of the moist, nutritious bread.  The white bean soup that she prepared was given "ten thumbs up" by my hungry palate. '
   For new news, and an exciting story to tell, my middle dochder, Jessica, is pregnant. Her and her husband plan on getting a bigger place to allow more room for their Blessing.  You can see the happy momma in the photo above, snapped at Cracker Barrel, where we were celebrating.  This will make five grandchildren for me, and I want lots!!! 
   Well, it's back to the writing screen, where I am working on cranking out more volumes to Single in Indiana, Whoopie Pie Bakers, and Amish Blizzards. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Slip away from the Office

   What are three things that would make your work day go smoother? If you're like most folks, a calmer work day is one of the top answers. A nagging boss, long commute, and overloaded workload all add stress, leaving one exhausted during the evening.

   At Dutch Farms Books, we can help your work day go smoother by providing a lunch-time escape into a more simple world. The Old Order Amish and many conservative Mennonites have a world all of their own. Mules plow the vast vegetable gardens, bonnet-covered children play along sprawling farm-side hills, and the fragrant aroma of piping-hot Shoofly pies echoes out of the wood-burning stoves. And if you listen closely, you might hear some hymns from The Ausbund
  At Dutch Farms Books, we have been providing lunch-time escapes since 2004, and we have Plain family, so we know Plain folks well, and we enjoy taking you away to Amish Country during your lunch hour. Our books are read at dawn, during lunch, at bedtime, or anytime readers need that quiet moment to relax and slip away into a farming land like no other: Amish Country.

Go ahead, browse our slideshow below and click on your next lunch-time escape.  Available on Kindle, Nook, and in paperback.  Kindle and Nook have free apps on their websites that you can download onto your phone and computer.

Sicily Yoder has published forty books, most being on Amazon's Best Seller Lists, and she is listed as one of the Most Popular Authors for Literary Fiction on Readers from around the world have been enjoying their lunch hour escape, afternoon quiet time, and even their own personal time, after the kids are put to bed, reading her quaint, wholesome books. From more in-depth novels to flash short stories, there are many books to chose from to accommodate your leisure needs.


Most books have tasty recipes that you can simply cook up yourself on that long weekend or share in your kitchen with your family. From holiday entertaining to sustainable living, there is a cookbook for you. Don't overlook the combo books, which have short stories and a cookbook.


Ms. Yoder's uncle is a Plain Minister, and she once lived in a Plain home, before a car wreck forced her into writing full-time. It was then that she discovered that she could help people unwind and enjoy better leisure time through her simple, quaint writing. Traveling from beautiful Mackinaw Island to sunny Orlando, Florida, Ms. Yoder found that library patrons and school children loved her cooking demonstrations and Plain books; therefore, Dutch Farms Books was formed to meet the growing needs of people like you, who want to get away from that nagging boss, hectic rush-hour traffic, and office noise. Enjoy your lunch hour and slip into one of our books. We roll out the welcome mat to Amish Country.